O. VILLA is an Asturian company specialised in processing and marketing typical dishes from the Spanish and Asturian gastronomy.


Company PRODUCTOS ARTESANOS O. VILLA started its activities in 1987, focusing these on the production of vacuum-packed tripe. Throughout over 20 years of experience, the company has concentrated its efforts on innovating with its production processes and in diversifying its artisan products.

Gradually and by means of constant, thorough and artisan work, not only have we managed to extend and improve the final quality of each and every one of our products, but we have also progressively modernised and automated our production processes.

At present, PRODUCTOS ARTESANOS O. VILLA positions itself as a promising processed food company whose main aim is to provide QUALITY. The company has spared no efforts to achieve this, knowing how to adapt its resources to the needs and demands of the market.

These efforts were rewarded in 2008, the year in which we were awarded the First National Prize for Culinary Craftsmanship (FECOES).

In just five years this Asturian company has managed a discreet, but still efficient and convincing, penetration into the regional market, now ambitiously aiming at the national market.

Our Products

One of our main objectives is none other but to make the most typical dishes of Asturian cuisine known around the world, providing top quality products and preparations.

We use the best raw materials in the area regarding beef, pork, natural gelatins, etc. for the preparation of typical Asturian products, always having the basic principle of providing TOP QUALITY.

Also, thanks to our state-of-the-art premises and the personal experience of each of the workers at O. VILLA, we have managed to market products with excellent flavours and of renowned quality.


Our premises with a size of over 2,000 square metres, state-of-the art technological equipment and a wide professional experience in the artisan preparation of fresh and canned food, yield products with excellent flavours and of renowned quality.


As important as a correct manufacturing is the distribution to all the retail establishments. For this we have our own fleet of vehicles for delivery throughout the region. For national delivery we rely on specialised transport agencies.

Our products can be acquired both at our premises and from the main food chains and specialised shops.


Polígono Industrial de la Florida, 14-15
33950 Sotrondio (ASTURIAS)


Phone: 985 657 640
Fax: 985 656 540
Email: info@ovilla.es

Óptima calidad - Ovilla