The O. Villa products, the traditional ones, are prepared using the best raw materials from our land and cooked following the most traditional recipes.

O.Villa Canned Dishes

El Llanón Canned Dishes

Frozen Products

The traditional dish is one of our hallmarks.

At O. Villa we wish to recover the pleasure of eating well, the satisfaction of savouring an authentic homemade dish.

Our carefully prepared and packed products are offered in different formats, for cooking to be easy both for families and also for caterers, with special formats being available.

Quality, tradition, craftsmanship, variety, flavour… These are the values of our brand.

We bring proper cooking closer to consumers, to those for whom time is a precious commodity in their everyday lives. The care taken in selecting natural ingredients, recipes inherited from our ancestors and slow cooking, make our products ideal for soup and stew menus.


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